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    FieldandTrek.com’s Guide to Finding a New Adventure

    With the new year approaching it’s a time when many people start to think about what they want to achieve and try out in the future. Learning something new is one of the most common New Year resolutions so FieldandTrek.com take a look at which outdoor activities are worth learning in 2014.

    Even for people that are very active and enjoy nothing more than going for an eight mile run or long walks around the park, getting motivated again after Christmas can be quite tough. However, setting a goal to learn a new activity sparks ambition and drive meaning that people are more likely to stick to it and enjoy it more than going back to the same routine year after year.

    Be seasonal. Winter sports are a great place to start when trying to decide what to throw yourself into. Many places across the UK have dry slopes offering introductory courses to both snowboarding and skiing, which once you have mastered you can transfer your skills to the real slopes and push yourself even further.

    Orienteering is the perfect choice for families or group of friends who want to learn something new together as the idea is that you work as a team to get around the course using a map, compass and your in-built navigational skills. Courses are available up and down the country and your sense of direction is bound to improve after a few lessons.

    Climbing is also worth looking into and can be done both indoors and outdoors. Indoor climbing walls are great for when you’re starting out. One of the benefits of climbing is that you can always progress, try harder climbs and even travel with it, and it helps build muscle and strength as well burning calories and helping to tone.

    Finding something new to do is the easy part, it’s sticking to it that can be hard. To help, set yourself targets of what you would like to have achieved two, four, six and eight months into your training so there is something to push yourself towards.

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    Upto 70% Absolutely Everything in the FieldandTrek.com January Sale.

    Ready to take on the outdoors in 2012? Leading outdoor clothing and footwear specialists FieldandTrek.com are here to make your transition to the wild and wonderful landscapes of the world a easier and cheaper one! 

    Whether you’re taking on hiking, ready to relax with fishing or going to the extreme with skiing or climbing- FieldandTrek.com have something for your outdoor sport, for less. The January sale currently sports a huge range of top branded outdoor footwear, clothing and equipment to help get you on the right outdoor track. 

    You can grab a bargain on the latest Craghoppers jacket with upto 70% off for both men and women, get specialist waterproof trousers from just £7 and if you are taking on some rough terrain- FieldandTrek.com can supply you with quality Karrimor walking boots, reduced to just £34.99 this new year. 

    Need something to carry all your new gear in? Rucksacks are in the sale too! Starting from only £10, you can safely store all your outdoor products to keep them dry and protected whilst you’re out and about. 

    The offers don’t stop with the sale either, selected products like these Karrimor mens and ladies winter trousers are ideal for any outdoor adventure with their insulated lining and extra pockets for travelling and are now reduced to just two for £30, making them only £15 per pair!

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    The Field and Trek Winter Ski Clearance is Here!

    Whether you’re hitting the slopes for half term with the family, or planning a break over the ever popular Easter period. If you’re going skiing, you can get some of the best ski clothing and equipment right now at FieldandTrek.com in the big winter ski clearance! 

    If you’re a colourful skier you should definitely check out the range of men’s skiwear from leading brand Nevica. FieldandTrek.com are offering both ski jackets and ski pants with over £100 discount on the RRP! There’s also over £100 saving on some of the men’s Helly Hansen ski jackets.

    For the ladies, the FieldandTrek.com skiwear sale offers not only Nevica skiwear and a fine selection of Helly Hansen ski jackets- there are huge savings to be had on Dare 2b ski jackets and Berghaus ski pants! Some of these deals are certainly not to be missed! If you’re a fan of the Nevica skiwear range- complete the look with over £30 off the ladies ski gloves, so you can look the part on the slopes from head to toe!

    The winter ski sale doesn’t stop at clothing, FieldandTrek.com have placed discounts on a number of skiing essentials too! You can save over 20% on knitted hats, ski gloves and over 50% on selected No Fear ski goggles.  Be sure to keep your feet in good condition too whilst battling the snow and ice; the winter ski sale includes half price snow boots to help you trek through the mountains and trails, wherever your ideal skiing location is! 

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    Stay Safe and Stylish on the Slopes with Field and Trek

    This week has seen the start of the 2011 Alpine Skiing Championships in Germany, and with Skiing becoming a much more popular getaway for travellers of every kind; Field and Trek takes a closer look at quality skiing equipment and clothing which can help keep you safer on the slopes. 

    Quality is the key when it comes to choosing the right ski clothing, clothing made from breathable fabrics with a weatherproof outer layer is ideal for skiing and snowboarding, as you can regulate your body temperature and avoid becoming uncomfortable whilst partaking in activities. A good example is the Helly Hansen Swift Jacket available from FieldandTrek.com. The jacket sports ‘Helly tech’ technology which uses both hydrophilic and micro porous technology; allowing wearers to stay dry whatever the elements may bring. The No Fear Ski Jacket for ladies also has an outstanding weather proof outer coating to keep you dry, whilst the inside fleece lining keeps you warm if you’re out on the slopes all day.

    Footwear is also essential to get right when considering skiing equipment. Sturdy footwear combined with waterproof technology will not only keep you safer, but dry and comfortable. Campri Snow Boots- with a rubber moulded soul and foot provide a durable and comfortable fit, the padded inner will also help avoid discomfort and cold feet whilst you’re practicing ski jumps and manoeuvres. 

    Whatever slopes you’re taking too, it is important to invest in the right ski equipment, from ski goggles to gloves with decent grip- having the right gear can get you off to a great start on your skis or snowboard. The No Fear Ride Goggles offer outstanding eye protection when skiing or snowboarding, the double lens and anti-fog design offer great performance in harsh environments. The goggles also come with air vents and elasticated strap for maximum comfort during activity. You can get the perfect grip too with the Outdoor Research Gripper Gloves; the Supergrip palm offers secure, slip free control against any conditions along with weather-resistant protection and wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable. 

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    Experience a Better Ride with Field and Trek

    Cycling has become more and more popular over the last few years. With global warming ever on the horizon, the public doing their bit to stay fit and healthy and of course- the constant increase of petrol prices in Britain means that huge numbers of commuters and adventurers alike are switching four wheels for two. 

    Cycling comes naturally to most, with riding a bike being one of the first balance skills a child learns as they grow, so taking cycling up as a hobby or means of transport should be easy and cost-effective. Here at Field and Trek we encourage cycling; we love the outdoors and sometimes cycling is the best way to experience a luscious country scenic route or cliff-top view, so we’re determined to bring you exceptional deals on quality, branded cycling products to help kick-start your journey, whether it be saving the planet or staying in shape. 

    The first steps to choosing the right bike start with deciding if you plan to commute on your bike or use it for leisure. If you’re a thrill seeker and want to explore vast wild terrain or simply enjoy your local forest or park; the mountain bike is the ideal choice. The Muddyfox Wrath mountain bike is a lightweight option (great if you’re packing more than one onto a car to reach your destination) which Shimano gears, offering a smooth ride, enabling you to take in your surroundings at your own pace. This mountain bike also sports front suspension forks, which is great if you want to use your bike everywhere, including on the road.

    If you plan to commute to work, school or just to visit friends and family- another Muddyfox hero comes in the shape of both the Flux and Flo road bikes. For ladies, the Muddyfox Flo Hybrid road bike has an impressive 21 speed Shimano gears as well as a lightweight alloy frame, allowing you to simply flow through traffic. The Muddyfox Flux Hybrid road bike is also the “perfect commuting machine”, designed for men with rigid road forks so you can manoeuvre your way through the morning rush hour!

    Once your bike is purchased, you’re almost ready for action- the key to successfully continuing to cycle is maintaining a well-kept bike. Always make sure you have a puncture kit and pump handy for those unfortunate yet unavoidable mishaps on the road and in the woods. Bike lights and reflectors are also some of the most useful tools on your machine- they will ensure that your bike is highly visible whilst you’re out on the roads or exploring a country park. Lights are essential if you plan to cycle in the dark, particularly in winter. 

    Dressing the part is also essential for ease of use and of course, safety. The number one safety tool when cycling is your bike helmet, and luckily there’s one to suit everybody! Whether you prefer lavish colours and even personalised helmets or a simple but effective choice of headgear; it could save your life. Here at Field and Trek we offer a range of sizes in different styles such as the Dunlop bike helmet; which has a durable outer layer that sports appropriate ventilation whilst you’re on the move. There is also the streamlined Muddyfox MTB bike helmet that comes with a detachable visor and ‘easy fit mechanism’ which makes it ideal for both road and off-road cycling. 

    Wherever you’re cycling, make sure you can be seen. In addition to firmly fixing reflectors and lights onto your bike, investing in some hi-vis clothing will never be money wasted. Some of the biggest brands in outdoor wear such as Karrimor and Berghaus offer diverse and stylish hi-vis clothing which can be plainly seen when you’re out and about. The men’s Karrimor Hi-Vis cycle jacket is ideal for on-road cycling; the durable and waterproof outer coating gives you the ultimate protection against the elements as well as reflective detailing to ensure visibility in low-light conditions. For ladies, there is the highly fluorescent Karrimor HViz run jacket; the full zipped is not only incredibly reflective and certainly visible, but the long sleeves help keep you insulated whilst you’re cycling outdoors. All of the Field and Trek hi-vis clothing is great for both off-road and on-road cycling. So stay safe and make sure you’re seen.

    To view the whole range of cycling gear, including cycling gloves, helmets, BMX bikes and more; please visit www.fieldandtrek.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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