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    FieldandTrek.com takes a look at Bristol Walking Festival

    Walking is an everyday activity for most people and requires little thought or effort, unlike other forms of exercise. According to Britain’s most comprehensive survey of sport, 22% of the population walk recreationally for at least 30 minutes every month. Walking is a fantastic way for people of all ages to keep fit and healthy and get outdoors.

    The 26th April marks the start of the Bristol Walking Festival, held for one month until 26th May. The festival is an opportunity for walkers to explore the city and get fit outdoors. There will be over 150 different walks to choose from across the 30 day event thanks to over 70 organisations and individuals involved in making the event possible.
    Some of the routes throughout the walking festival are themed and will be educational to those taking part. Each route is a chance to explore different parts of the city, showcasing some interesting and educational landmarks throughout. A few walks available are Medieval Bristol, Avon Gorge Birding Walk, Foraging Edible Foods, Butterfly Spotting on the Downs, Night Walk, Bristol Onions and Gorgeous Goats and Bristol in Books, to name just a few.

    Not only does the festival give walkers from the local area and across the country the chance to explore the hidden corners of Bristol and learn about the history and heritage of the city, it is a fantastic excuse to get some fresh air and exercise. With many of the walks averaging between 1-5 miles, although there are much longer walks, each route is graded 1-4 depending on its intensity, so walkers can choose which route they feel they are capable of completing. Walking is a great way to lose weight and stay fit, it helps keep bones and joints flexible and boosts the immune system which in turn helps reduce the risk of serious illness. The event is a great way of meeting new people and each walk will have its own walking leader to guide the group around the city.

    As there are many walks to take part in, with a variety of intensity and challenges walkers should prepare for the event by walking short distances and building up to the number of miles they plan to accomplish in the event, to ensure they are fit enough on the day. For the longer and more challenging walks especially, it is advised that walkers wear appropriate footwear and clothing. This can be weather dependant so layers and waterproofs are a good idea. Trail shoes or walking boots are ideal footwear as they are designed for different types of terrain and offer the correct support to the walker.

    To take part in any of the events you can find out more information on each route and the starting places and times through Bristol City Council. The festival is a free event, however some walks require a participation fee as they involve a guided tour or activity.

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    Tips for walking with kids from FieldandTrek.com

    Do you have trouble getting your kids to enjoy a walk? Check out the walking with kids tips from FieldandTrek.com.

    ·         Remember basic provisions: It is important to take basic provisions on any walk. A child may get thirsty, hungry or injury themselves on a walk. Include water, food, first aid kit, torch and lighter at least in a backpack. A kid will feel special if he or she is carrying the lightweight backpack for the group, such as the Karrimor X Lite 20 rucksack. 

    ·         Wear the right shoes and clothing: For your kids to feel comfortable on a walk, they need the right walking boots and clothing for the trip.

    ·         Weather: Walks with kids should not be planned for during bad weather. It is important that if wet or cold weather is predicted, you should pack accordingly and stop the walk if the weather affects the children.

    ·         Plan the route: Get the kids involved in planning a walking route. The route should lead to a special destination so the kids are motivated to get there.

    ·         Know the route: You should practice the route before going on the walk with the kids. This will give you an idea of where to point areas of interest out to the kids and plan the kids’ activities around the route.

    ·         Rotate kids as walking leaders: An ideal way to keep the walking pace down, you should elect and rotate the kids as walking leaders so that they can set their own pace for the rest of the group.

    ·         Allow kids to bring friends: Kids may enjoy walking more if they are spending time with a close friend.

    ·         Take breaks often: To ensure the kids are not getting too tired, hungry, thirsty or cold, you should take breaks often. This will also give you time to change the activity.

    ·         Have activities to do along the way: To keep the kids entertained along the way so they don’t get bored or lose concentration on the journey, you can make up activities for them to complete. Some activities that can keep your kids entertained are scavenger hunts, shooting videos or photographs and the never ending story game.

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    How to prevent walking injuries with FieldandTrek.com

    Walking can be an enjoyable experience. It is a great for social activity and can also reduce health risks. However, sometimes injuries can prevent you from going on a gratifying hike. Ensure you prevent walking injuries with the FieldandTrek.com’s tips on how to avoid injuries.

    Choose the right walking boots or shoes for you: Walking requires relatively little equipment; therefore you should invest in a good pair of walking boots.  When choosing your walking shoes, remember the shoes need to be lightweight with good arch and ankle support. If you enjoy longer walks, you should buy shoes a size larger than your feet to prevent blisters if your feet swell. Thick socks are useful to prevent blisters and absorb dampness. The best selling walking boots on FieldandTrek.com are Brasher SupaLite II GORE-Tex GTX walking boots which offer waterproofing, ventilation, cushioned EVA midsoles and a gripped Supalite soles.

    Stay hydrated: You need to drink water before, during and after activity to keep hydrated. Water keeps you hydrated, helps to lubricate joints and prevents injury.

    Warm up and cool down: Warm ups and cool downs are important to prevent strains and sprains. You should ensure you start walking at a slow pace, complete some stretches and then build up to full speed after 15 minutes.

    Have good posture: It is important when walking that you walk heel to toe, you have your tailbone tucked under and your abdomen is tight to maintain good posture while you are walking. This will reduce the impact on your body preventing injury. Walking poles can be used to ensure you keep good posture throughout the walk.

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    Walking for beginners from FieldandTrek.com

    Invigorate or refresh yourself with a short or long walk in the beautiful rolling hills or striking mountains. The easiest and best way to enjoy the outdoors is to go for a walk. Check out the walking for beginner tips from FieldandTrek.com. 

    ·         Walk in pairs or more: Important for safety, if you are walking you need to walk in pairs or more. It is best to walk with an advanced walker if you are a beginner.

    ·         Plan your walk: Plan your walk beforehand so you know which track you are following.

    ·         Pack and carry all the essential supplies: Walkers should always carry a map, a compass, a watch, sunglasses/ sunscreen, a rucksack, first aid kit, fire starter, walking poles, knife and a headlamp or torch. 

    ·         Walking clothing: Keep warm and dry while walking with base layers, fleeces, jackets, trousers and walking boots.

    ·         Start walking slowly and easily: Try walking easy routes first to get yourself in to the rhythm. The easiest routes are flat and straight. As you build up your strength and cardiovascular health, you will gradually get more efficient and quicker at walking.

    ·         Weather: Keep an eye on the weather before, during and after walking trips so that you can anticipate and be prepared for wind, rain, ice, snow and the sun. For colder weather, you should add extra layers to stay warm and vice versa.

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    How to choose your GPS walking system from FieldandTrek.com

    Choosing the right GPS walking system for you is an important decision. There are many options to consider from screen size to the mapping capabilities. Take a look at our GPS system tips from FieldandTrek.com.

    Specific mapping: The GPS systems on FieldandTrek.com all have maps to cover Britain. Additional maps can be added depending on the GPS device capabilities. The Garmin eTrex 10 geocaching bundle comes with preinstalled worldwide base maps.

    Features: FieldandTrek.com has GPS systems packed full of features. Whether you need tide tables or simply an electronic compass, there is a GPS device to suit you. A key feature for any walker or hiker wishing to buy a GPS system is that it is waterproof.

    Updating: An important component of the GPS system is the updating capabilities. If the GPS system does not offer updating, the GPS will quickly become out of date.

    Cost: As with other technical systems, the cost of the GPS devices can differ from only £109.99 to £400. As the price of the system increases there are generally more features included on the system.

    Size: Ranging from 5.4 x H10.3 x D3.3cm to 6.1 x 16.0 x 3.6 cm, the GPS systems range in size. This means that a customer needs to know what sizes they need. A good idea is to see the sizes in relation to a backpack or your hand as you will be carrying the GPS around most of the time. You may not be happy carrying a large GPS device around on top of all the other equipment so try to take that in to account.

    Screen size: The larger the screen, the easier you can see where you are and where you have been. However, please remember that the screen size affects the size of the device.

    Battery and recharge capabilities: GPS devices have different power features. The Garmin GPS systems are generally powered by batteries, whereas the Memory Map Adventurer 2800 GPS has a rechargeable battery built in. The battery life can last from only 8 hours such as the Memory Map Adventurer 2800 GPS to 25 hours such as the Garmin eTrex 10 Geocaching bundle.

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    Enjoy one of the top five refreshing Christmas walks this winter from FieldandTrek.com

    Britain is beautiful in winter from the rolling white hills to the sparkling lights; it’s the simplest pleasures that make the season enjoyable. Whether you want to work off that second helping of mince pies or simply enjoy the refreshing feel of the winter air, on a festive walk you can take in the sights and sounds of Christmas. You can appreciate a festive walk or winter stroll this Christmas with our top five winter walks.

    Sherwood Forest: With over 1000 acres of park in Nottinghamshire, the Sherwood Forest is famously dubbed Robin Hood’s forest. The forest is the home of ancient oak trees, including the renowned Major Oak which is at least 800 years old and considered in local folklore as Robin Hood’s hideout. 

    Arthur’s Seat: The popular walk in the Hollyrood Park up to Arthur’s Seat gives you panoramic views of the Edinburgh landscape.

    Brecon Beacons: The Brecon Beacons of Pen Y Fan and Fan Y Big are covered in snow in the winter time.

    Holly walk:  The classic Christmas plant known as holly has been grown in Kew Gardens since1874. With a walk of 1,030 metres, the Kew Gardens holds Europe’s most comprehensive collections.

    St Michael’s Way: Go on a festive 12 mile walk from St Ives to Penzance on New Year’s Eve. With mince pies and mulled wine en route, the Cornwall walk follows ancient pilgrim tracks. 

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    How to walk safely on ice and in snow from FieldandTrek.com

    Weather forecasters usually advise to avoid travelling in the snow. However if the whole point of the journey is to have fun in the snow while walking, it is best to have the knowledge to enjoy the snow walk safely. You can enjoy walking safely in the snow and ice this winter with the FieldandTrek.com tips.

    ·         Concentrate on walking: Do not get distracted while you are walking in the snow or on ice. You need to be concentrating on walking to ensure you do not meet ice unaware.

    ·         Walk slowly

    ·         Take short steps and lean forwards  

    ·         Wear sturdy shoes with non-slip soles

    ·         Use ice grips: Ideal to prevent slips and falls on the ice, the ice grips reduce the risk of injury while walking during the winter. You can invest in the best selling Campri shoe grips on FieldandTrek.com.

    ·         Get snow boots: The practical snow boots will keep you warm and dry while you trek through the snow. They also offer added grip and stability. You will stay cosy and dry wearing the best selling Karrimor Snowfur II snow boots.

    ·         Do not put your hands in your pockets as this will mean you have no protection against a fall.

    ·         Do not carry any heavy items to ensure you are balanced.

    ·         Remember to clear steps and driveways of snow and ice because these are the main areas where you are most likely to slip.

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    How to pack a backpack with FieldandTrek.com

    Organising your backpack is important for maintaining balance, weight distribution and ease of access. Ensure you pack your backpack properly for your next walking or hiking trip with our tips from FieldandTrek.com.

    There are two types of backpack: the internal backpack and the external backpack. The internal backpack is suited for walking that requires more arm movement such as climbing, whereas the external backpacks are ideal for long distances on trails.

    Generally the lightweight items should be packed in the bottom of the backpack. Lightweight items include the sleeping bag and the other night-time items. Most backpacks have a special compartment designed to hold the sleeping bag. You can cover your sleeping bag in plastic bag to keep it dry. The medium weight equipment such as first aid kit should be placed in the middle and furthest from the back. The heaviest items such as food, water supplies and cooking equipment should be placed close to your spine. This means you will be keeping the weight near your centre of gravity to help maintain your balance and walking posture.

    You should keep important items including map, compass, GPS, headlamp, snacks and rain gear within easy reach at the top of the backpack, outside pockets or mesh compartments.

    You can stuff light clothing around your heavier items to keep them safe and ensure they don’t shift during the journey. You should also tighten the compression straps to stop the backpack’s load from moving and shifting within the bag. Another important feature of a backpack is items can be attached externally such as sleeping mats. Remember to keep the left and right sides of backpack balanced in weight.

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    The five best British Winter walks from FieldandTrek.com

    The spectacular views of the outdoors are even more beautiful with a blanket of snow. You can get out and experience the wonderful season in scarves, gloves, hats and a warm coat. With the beautiful snow covered hills and festive snowy paths, you will be sure to clear out the cobwebs and banish the winter melancholy on your winter walk. Enjoy the winter weather and head for the great outdoors with our top five British Winter walks from FieldandTrek.com.

    ·         Wastwater, Cumbria, England

    Known as one of the nation’s favourite views, the Wastwater is a beautiful lake surrounded by the Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain.

    ·         Hay on the Wye, Powys, Wales

    This ideal ramble takes you through a mixture of landscapes including the meandering river Wye, the rolling hills, the lovely agricultural farmland and the historic Clyro village.

    ·         South Downs Way, West Sussex, England

    If you are looking for a more strenuous walk, this winter walk is for you. You will pass ancient buildings, woodland, windmills as well as view panoramic views across the area.

    ·         Porthcurno Beach, Cornwall, England

    Let the winter sea air wash over you on the Porthcurno Beach. This is the perfect spot to watch the waves rolling on to the golden Cornwall sands.

    ·         River Garry, Perthshire, Scotland

    Running along the winding river Garry, this walk from Pitlochry to KillieCrankie passes forested banks.

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    Short walks can extend life with FieldandTrek.com

    Enjoy a short walk or long walk in the countryside this Winter. A recent study has found that adding walking to your daily routine can increase your life expectancy. So get your walking boots on and appreciate the outdoors with FieldandTrek.com.

    The study conducted in Sweden and the US, discovered that up to 75 minutes of walking a week was connected with a 1.8 years increase in life expectancy. The study published in the PLOS Medicine journal also found that having a 18.5 to 24.0 BMI and being active was associated with a 7.2 years increase compared with the inactive and obese.

    The study led by Steven Moore at Maryland’s National Cancer Institute used information on activity and BMI figures from over 650,000 study participants aged above 40 years in an analysis of six long-term studies.

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) currently recommends everyone should do at least 150 minutes of walking each week. This is linked to a life expectancy increase of 3.4 to 4.5 years compared to the inactive.

    Regular walking can aid stamina, energy, weight control and reduce stress. The physical and mental benefits of walking include improved blood pressure, bone health, memory and concentration.

    In conclusion the researchers of the study found that less physical activity was associated with shorter life expectancy in all BMI levels.

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