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    Short walks can extend life with FieldandTrek.com

    Enjoy a short walk or long walk in the countryside this Winter. A recent study has found that adding walking to your daily routine can increase your life expectancy. So get your walking boots on and appreciate the outdoors with FieldandTrek.com.

    The study conducted in Sweden and the US, discovered that up to 75 minutes of walking a week was connected with a 1.8 years increase in life expectancy. The study published in the PLOS Medicine journal also found that having a 18.5 to 24.0 BMI and being active was associated with a 7.2 years increase compared with the inactive and obese.

    The study led by Steven Moore at Maryland’s National Cancer Institute used information on activity and BMI figures from over 650,000 study participants aged above 40 years in an analysis of six long-term studies.

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) currently recommends everyone should do at least 150 minutes of walking each week. This is linked to a life expectancy increase of 3.4 to 4.5 years compared to the inactive.

    Regular walking can aid stamina, energy, weight control and reduce stress. The physical and mental benefits of walking include improved blood pressure, bone health, memory and concentration.

    In conclusion the researchers of the study found that less physical activity was associated with shorter life expectancy in all BMI levels.

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    Remember the ten essentials on your next walking trip with FieldandTrek.com

    Whether you are trekking across the Alps or just walking down a country lane in your walking boots, there are ten essentials that walking and hiking organisations recommend you take with you. Don’t forget the ten essentials while you are walking this winter with FieldandTrek.com.

    ·         Map

    The obvious essential, in order to find your way you will need to know where you are where you need to be. Maps such as the Ordnance Survey maps available on FieldandTrek.com help enormously on walks.

    ·         Compass

    Another absolute essential is the compass. The compass helps you find your way on your walking trips. The Silva Expedition four compass with luminous markers is available on FieldandTrek.com. FieldandTrek.com also has navigation and GPS devices including the lightweight and long battery life Garmin eTrex 30 GPS device.

    ·         Watch

    In order to keep track of the time, you will need a watch on your walk or another way to track the time. FieldandTrek.com has a large range of watches including the water resistant Timex expedition E compass watch.

    ·         Sunglasses and sunscreen

    Protect your eyes and skin from the sun with sunglasses and sunscreen on your walk. On FieldandTrek.com, the essential sunglasses and sunscreen are the Karrimor NPL sunglasses and LifeSystems Mountain sun protection 50+. The Karrimor NPL sunglasses offer anti-slip frames and 100% UV protection.

    ·         Headlamp/torch

    Ensure you can see in the dark on your walking trip with a head torch or torch. The essential tool can help you make food at night or just help you find the perfect place to sleep for the night. FieldandTrek.com has a comfortable Silva Otus head torch and a Campri basic torch available.

    ·         First aid kit

    Be prepared for any injury or accident with a first aid kit. Whether you need to cover up a blister or bandage up a broken arm on a walk, a first aid kit can help. FieldandTrek.com has the LifeSystems Mountain First Aid Kit.

    ·         Fire starter

    You can start that essential fire to keep you warm and cook food with the all important fire starter. FieldandTrek.com has Gerber Bear Grylls fire starters and Karrimor fire starters.

    ·         Knife

    The essential walking and camping Swiss army knife tool will help you open food cans or cut through items with ease. FieldandTrek.com has a Boys Toyz multi tool and a Victorinox climber Swiss army knife.

    As well as the above, you will need to ensure you have spare dry clothes, extra food and extra water just in case. Other items suggested to be important for your walking trip include water bottles, ice axes, crampons, insect repellent, signalling device, repair kit and plastic tarp.

    FieldandTrek.com, the UK retailer has a large range of walking boots, clothing and accessories. Get the latest Field and Trek.com deals and news on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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    Go walking in your winter wonderland with our walking clothing from FieldandTrek.com

    Whether you are trekking up mountains or simply walking through fields, our walking outfit and walking boots from FieldandTrek.com will keep you warm and dry while you appreciate your surroundings.

    ·         Karrimor Elite Alpiniste eVent waterproof jacket

    Made for the most demanding of conditions, the Karrimor jacket has waterproof protection, water resistant zips and breathability for maximum comfort while you walk.

    ·         Berghaus Ortler walking trousers

    With a water resistant coating and a hip pocket, the Berghaus pants provide freedom of movement on long walks.

    ·         Helly Hansen warm crew base layer top

    Offering an extra layer against the cold, the Helly Hansen tops are made with high quality merino wool, flat lock seams for reduced chaffing and moisture management technology.

    ·         Nevica 3 in 1 gloves

     Perfect for outdoor activities, the Nevica 3 in 1 gloves have a removable fleece and an insulated waterproof outer layer. The gloves feature toggle fastenings, enhanced grip and secure fits.

    ·         Heat Holders  stripe socks

    Your feet will be cosy and warm in the Heat Holders socks. The socks offer moisture wicking properties, advanced thermal insulating yarn and a funky striped design.

    ·         Silva trail run head lamp

    A must have accessory for outdoor enthusiasts, the headlamp provides a water resistant light which lasts 24 hours and reaches 45 metres.

    ·         Brasher Lithium GTX walking boots

    Take to the valleys wearing the Brasher Lithium GTX walking boots. The great quality walking boots feature sole shock absorbing properties, multidirectional grip for traction and ventilation.

    You will enjoy a good walk wearing the Field and Trek outfit. Take a look at the latest news and offers on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

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    What to wear when you are winter walking from FieldandTrek.com

    Feel invigorated while you listen to the crunch of snow beneath your feet and absorb the beauty of snow-covered hills. Winter walking is one of the best adventures you can have, but what do you need to wear to have an enjoyable experience? FieldandTrek.com is here to help you choose the right walking footwear and clothing for the colder conditions.

    When you go out winter walking, you should always dress in layers, so that as you become warmer you can shed the layers you need to. Lighter layers (e.g. base layers) should be worn underneath the heavier layers such as waterproof jackets.

    ·         Base layers become every walker’s best friend in cold weather with their wicking capabilities and insulating properties. FieldandTrek.com’s walking range includes Skins A200 base layers.

    ·         Micro fleeces add extra layers of insulating warmth to your layering system, for example the Karrimor Micro Fleeces. You will need at least two micro fleeces on each walk, one for walking and an extra one, just in case.

    ·         You need to feel cosy and warm in your waterproof jacket or coat. The jacket should have a waterproof and windproof shell. It must have a storm flap for protection against the colder conditions and should be big enough to wear over your layering system.

    ·         In the cold weather you will feel miserable walking for long periods of time with wet trousers or pants, instead try waterproof and windproof walking trousers such as the Berghaus Paclite pants. Walkers may decide to choose waterproof walking trousers with zips so they are easier to take off over shoes.

    ·         In colder temperatures, hats become essential. Some hats have waterproof or water repellent technologies, for example the Lowe Alpine Mountain Cap or Lowe Alpine Tibet hat, whereas others serve as practical and stylish hats such as the Lowe Alpine Inverno hat. By keeping your head warm, you will be saving vital energy for your walk.

    ·         If you are planning on climbing up mountains or prefer to take the safest option, you will need some quality crampons. FieldandTrek.com has Grivel G10 Lux Crampons and MSR Lightning Ascent snow shoes.

    ·         Good quality footwear is important in the snow. Your walking shoes and walking boots need to offer waterproof properties, breathability, comfortable fits with excellent and stable grip, for example the Campri Leather waterproof walking boots or Meindl Respond Mid XCR walking boots.

    ·         You should carry two pairs of gloves. The first pair is a thin pair of gloves for completing tasks and a pair of thicker gloves just to keep your hands warm.

    With FieldandTrek.com’s range of walking clothing, walking boots and walking accessories, you will appreciate the pleasures of winter walking. Check out our latest news and offers on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

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    How to choose the right walking boots for you from FieldandTrek.com

    If you are going walking, your walking boots are an important for safety and comfort. Check out our walking boots on FieldandTrek.com.

    Type of walking boots

    There are three types of walking boots:-

    ·         Approach boots can be used on low level walks or trails such as the Scarpa Crux boots. 

    ·         Hill walking boots should be used on only hill walks such as Brasher Hillwalker GTX walking boots.

    ·         Mountaineering or trekking boots for example the Meindl Broneo boots.

    Material of walking boots

    There are two key materials for walking boots:-

    ·         Fabric

    Fabric walking boots are breathable, light-weight, easy to break in and comfortable. However, they are less resistant to water and need to be reinforced for longer or heavy going journeys.

    ·         Leather

    Leather boots are durable, tough, breathable and waterproof. But leather walking boots can be hot and sweaty during summer, take time to break in as well as tend to be more expensive.

    Size of the walking boots

    Walking boots should be roughly a size larger than your normal footwear.

    To check you have the correct size footwear, you should use the finger test and bare foot test.

     The finger test is where you check you can slide your finger in at the heel with only slight friction to ensure there is another room for movement in the situation where you are walking up a hill.

    The bare feet test to check that your feet will have enough room with your socks on. With socks on, you may misjudge the tightness of the boots which may be uncomfortable. Take your socks off and ensure that the boots are well-fitting but not too tight or too loose.

    Whichever walking boots you get, enjoy your walks. Have a look at the latest deals and news on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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    The best walks in the United Kingdom by FieldandTrek.com

    Walking is the best exercise. It’s been said for many years. Scientific studies have backed up the beliefs with evidence that walking not only helps with weight loss and toning of muscles but also reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as improves overall fitness. Feel comfortable on your feet in the walking boots from FieldandTrek.com.

    Coast to Coast, Lake District

    The famous Coat to Coast is a world renowned 190 mile walk. The Coast to Coast offers a dramatic look at stunning coastlines and beautiful countryside.

    Pembrokeshire Coast path, Pembrokeshire

    There are a large variety of sceneries that you can enjoy on this coast path from stunning cliffs to glacial valleys. 

    The Purbeck Way, Dorset

    Purbeck Way’s animated wildlife and beautiful castle are the main attractions to this trail in Dorset.

    The Roaches, Peak District

    The eight and a half mile up and down circuit of the Roaches has a striking landscape of rocks and moorlands that can only be seen, not described.

    Tennyson Trail, Isle of Wight

    The 14 mile trail takes you through panoramic views of the mainland, forests, key landmarks and the gorgeous bay.

    Rhossoli Bay, Gower

    The fantastic Rhossoli Bay walk includes excellent moorland with an amazing three mile beach.

    Hadrians Wall Path, North of England

    With the famous Roman wall extending over seventy-three miles, this walk is a moderate walking trail for enthusiasts. 

    Cotswolds Way, Cotswolds

    Including gentle hills, pretty villages and historic sites, the Cotswolds Way is a 100 mile walk. 

    Enjoy your walks this autumn. Check out our latest news and offers on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

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    Want to be greener at your festival? Try our environmentally-friendly tips from FieldandTrek.com

    Every year thousands of bedding and tents are abandoned at festivals with large amounts of waste left behind. Be an environmentally friendly festival goer with our tips from FieldandTrek.com.

    Take public transport

    Festival organisers and festivals goers have found that car parking at festivals can be a nightmare; therefore they have started shuttle-bus services. These give people the opportunity to sit back and relax as they enjoy the ride to and from the festival with their friends. There are also car-sharing services available. Check with the festival website for further details.

    Bin any waste

    Bin or recycle any waste that cannot be reused in festival bins. Take your own bag such as a Berghaus rucksack to reduce the use of plastic bags.

    Reuse the tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat

    Every year, there are thousands of tents left at festivals and approximately 75% of the tents are reusable. Our great quality tents are guaranteed to last throughout the festival and beyond so you will be able to reuse all of your bedding and tent.

    Go green with your food and drink

    Take a water bottle like the Camelbak Better bottle or hydration pack such as the Karrimor Hydration Bladder  to cut down on the amount of plastic cups you use.

    You can look for your perfect festival tent on FieldandTrek.com. We have one man to ten man tents as well as festival tents and pop-up tents available in the range.

    Check out our latest news and offers on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

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    What not to take to your festival from FieldandTrek.com

    A festival can be one of the most amazing and stimulating weekends of your life. From the world famous Glastonbury hippie festival to the posh Standon Calling festival, there are festivals for everyone. There are many different lists and tips on what to take to your next festival, but perhaps the most important and significant list is of what you shouldn’t take and what not to take to a festival.

    The items usually prohibited on festival campsites are:

    Items prohibited for safety reasons:-

    ·         Any items considered a weapon

    ·         Glass or glass bottles

    ·         Chinese or sky lanterns

    ·         Illegal substances

    ·         Fireworks and flares

    ·         Campfires, barbeques, camping stoves and candles

    Items considering noisy:-

    ·         Air horns

    ·         Sound systems


    ·         Gazebos because they take up tent space that could be used by others

    ·         Animals (unless registered guide or hearing dogs)

    ·         Any items that cost a lot: Wallets, purses, phones, keys and cameras are the most common items lost at festivals so ensure you take cheaper versions of these

    ·         Any items that hold sentimental value

    Festivals also usually prohibit certain items being taken in to the arena gates to view the bands. These items are:

    ·         Disposable barbeques

    ·         Camping equipment

    ·         Cans, alcohol or drinks bottle over 500 ml in size

    Please check on the festival website for specific information. The camping retailer, FieldandTrek.com has festival tents, pop up tents and sleeping bags. The website has camping chairs and cooking equipment. FieldandTrek.com also has waterproof clothing and footwear for that wet festival weekend. Get the latest deal information and news on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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    Want to cook great meals while camping this summer? Check out the FieldandTrek.com cooking tips

    Cooking while camping can feel like a difficult task. Cooking can take time during which most campers would prefer to be out doing other activities. FieldandTrek.com’s cooking tips will help you cook quicker and safer during your next camping trip in your tent.

    ·         If you’re going for a short time, cook food before hand and put them in a cooler such as the Outwell 24L cooler box.

    ·         Take extra matches or an extra lighter just in case.

    ·         Keep meals relatively simple, some examples of these can be found on the BBC’s Good Food website.

    ·         Pack dried food and canned food as these are quick and easy to cook.

    ·         Take aluminium foil as it can be used for covering food or as a table cloth on trips.

    ·         Cover pots with a lid when cooking outside as it will conserve fuel, cook food faster and keep insects out of your food.

    ·         Heat water over your food during your meal because it will be warm when you are to clean up after you have eaten.

    ·         Take a back-up just in case the meal goes wrong such as a protein bar.

    ·         To get rid of burnt on food in a pan, combine a drop of washing up liquid with some water and bring the water to a boil.

    ·         Cook all food 30 to 40 yards downwind from any tents.

    ·         Some festivals do not allow gas canisters or cookers on site. However, V festival does allow BBQ’s and camping stoves such as the Gelert portable BBQ.

    Remember for your own safety and the safety of others, you must never cook near a tent.

    FieldandTrek.com has a large range of tents, camping gear and cooking equipment. Log on to get the latest deal information and news on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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    Top ten festival tips from Field and Trek.com

    Festivals are amazing celebrations of music. But it can be disappointing when the spectacular event does not go the way you want it to. We have made a top ten list of tips for people going to festivals.

    ·         Take dry shampoo and antibacterial gel

    There are long queues for the showers in the morning . Although dry shampoo and ant-bacterial gel aren’t substitutes for a warm shower, they can help you feel cleaner.

    ·         Don’t take anything you can’t replace

    iPhones and expensive camera may look impressive but you would be upset if they got stolen or damaged. If you do take valuables, ensure you don’t leave them in the tent. Phones, cameras and any other gadgets should stay with you.  Unpack your clothing in to a far corner of the tent so if anyone wants to steal anything from your tent, they will not be able to steal anything quickly.

    ·         Eat breakfast

    You may not have time in between your favourite band’s performances to fetch food, so don’t forget to carry snacks and eat breakfast. Pro Plus is also useful if you are feeling tired before a key performance.

    ·         Mark your tent or buy a distinctive tent

    That blue tent might have been great in an empty campsite, but it will be harder to find surrounded by thousands of other similar tents. Either mark your tent with waterproof paint or buy a distinctive tent for the festival.

    ·         Keep clothing in the car

    Clothing at festivals either gets muddy or wet. By keeping clothing in your car, you will know you have spare warm and dry clothing to put on before your trip home.

    ·         Take naps

    You may want to stay up for the whole festival, but it is almost impossible. It is best to take short naps during bands you don’t want to see than attempt the full festival without sleep.

    ·         Avoid camping near paths and toilets

    Try to avoid camping near paths and toilets as this will ensure you don’t get the noise or smell associated with these areas.

    ·         Take a torch

    Phones have camera flashes and small torches on them. But if you’re phone is low on battery after using it for long periods of time, it’s unlikely it will be able to light up that much. Take a torch and spare batteries for light.

    ·         Take ear plugs

    Useful for drowning out the sound of a tent partner, ear plugs can also drown out music and people when you want to get some sleep.

    ·         Print out a map/ Download app

    If you want to be at the assigned stage for your favourite band on time, you will need a map of the area. Some festivals are now offering a phone app but you can sometimes print the map off.

    FieldandTrek.com, the UK retailer has festival tents and pop up tents available. The tents made by excellent brands such as Campri and Gelert. We also have one to four men tents as well as family tents and tent equipment. You can also get the latest deal information and new s on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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